December 31 , 1944

Left Wilmington CA for Melbourne, Australia

January 26, 1945

Arrived Melbourne for water fuel and provisions

January 28, 1945

Left Melbourne for Colombo, Ceylon

February 6,1945

Three salvos totaling five torpedoes hit SS Peter Silvester at 34-19S 99-37 E. 4 boats 6 rafts launched

February 9,1945

Cape Edmont  enroute from India to San Pedro sights and recovers 15 men from boat, informs Navy at Fremantle

February 10,1945

“The Search” begins. USS Corpus Cristi and HMAS Dubbo leave for area of sinking, Liberators and Catalina arranged for air search.

February 11

USS Hutchinson and HMAS Warrnambool leave Fremantle. Liberators sighted two rafts lashed together

February 12

HMS Slinger and Speaker CVE’s were loaned from CinC EIS for the search. Cape Edmont lands 15 survivors at Fremantle

February 13

USS Corpus Cristi At 0800 sights four rafts with 60 men and rescued all


February 13

Liberators at 1200 sights two rafts and one boat. Leads USS Corpus Cristi to sight and 32 more men rescued.

February 13,1945

Liberators crashes on takeoff 5 crew killed.

February 18,1945

USS Corpus Cristi lands 92 survivors

Ferbruary 14-19 1945

Search continues see NARRATIVE for details

February 20,1945

“The Search” called off except for aircraft Ships return to port or final destinations.

February 28,1945

HMS Activity rescues 20 men from lifeboat

March 3, 1945

HMS Activity lands 20 survivors in Fremantle

March  12, 1945

USS Rock rescued 15 survivors or North West Cape

Over 1100 miles from sight of sinking. Transfers men to USS Coucal


Airforce personnel picnic with Liberator crews.

Personal stories

Joe Jaggers

Remie Laenen

Remie Laenen

Remie Laenen

Russ Hoover

Nightmare of Ship Wreck recalled

Bart Hoover

Claysburg man was aboard Ship sunk 50 years ago by U-boat

Boley Swecz

Cyril Conway

News story

Indian Ocean Search

News story

Allied ship torpedoed

Reunion 1981

5 survivors meet in Cleveland

Reunion 1984

13 survivors hold St Clair reunion


List of crew,Armed Guard and Army available on application

Reunion 2001 Picture of reunion St. Clair Shores--Tom Spiccetts, Don Tuthill, Charles Kemmer, Don Domike at Ray Laenen's
Reunion 1983 Cleveland 10 survivors